About Bali Swing Tour

Our company has been active on the tourist market for 2 years and we offer our own products (Bali Swing Adventure Park, rafting, e-bikes, old-school Volkswagen tours) which we combine with our partners’ products (quads, animal parks, water activities, hotels, transport and many others)
Our goal is to provide our clients with maximum satisfaction with the travel on Bali, but also maximum safety during all activities and trips.

Because of we are the organisers of most activities, our tours have a friendly price, which is appreciated by our tourism partners, and we also have an impact on the quality of services we provide.
All trips and activities are insured for your safety and comfort of our clients (the confirmation of contracts with insured companies will be provided upon request, and travel insurance confirmations will be sent to you before the start of the tour)

We are open to long-term cooperation in the service of free independent travellers (FIT) and group inclusive tours (GIT). We specialise in organising one- and several-day trips to Bali, but we can also provide full care for your clients, from landing in Bali until the end of their stay on this Paradise Island.
We are open to any suggestions on your part and we hope for long term and mutual cooperation


Warm regards from

Bali Swing Tour Management

Why Choose Us?

Professional Drivers

Bali Swing Tour are experienced English-speaking drivers with strong hospitality knowledge. Ask them about anything and they will intelligently advise you with their insights.

Transparent Pricing

All rates and inclusions are stated clearly on our tour and pricing pages. You only pay what you have agreed to on each booking day. Driver service, fuel, and tax are all on us.

Excellent Cars

Our cars have competitive prices and they come in brand-new condition. We regard hygiene tremendously and periodically inspect our vehicles to ensure no breakdowns of all sorts.